New Experiences

The photo of the journal shows that when a person feels a ‘discomfort’ and they avoid, numb, run, hide, control or are passive – it results in a ‘Bondage’ response. Responding from a Bondage position results in not having a New Experience. Think about this: it takes a lot of Pride to stay in Bondage. Self protective Pride. 2 Cor. 3:17 does NOT say where the spirit of the Self is there is Bondage.

Fear will keep you in Bondage. Avoiding the situation keeps you in Bondage.

You feel discomfort, that leads you to avoid the situation-OR, even control your situation that leads you to avoid the situation. Put a lot on your life-plate and stay BUSY will even ‘numb’ you out like an active alcoholic stays numb with a drink to kill their ‘discomfort’.

And peope walk around as if they have everything in order and are afraid to ask for help. This is Pride.

This describes my Old Walk. I was not describing you, as this was what I do and have done. Maybe you can relate to my story. 

I reached a point when I was ready to make a COMMITMENT and without knowing what to do, I will do what I sense is right by talking and listening to the Holy Spirit (HS) and step out of my box of Pride and Walk in Humility by asking for help. 

I heard God in my Journal/prayer time tell me that I will be feeling more discomfort as I step into the experiences that I have been avoiding or numbing out from. That I will be having more experiences that will lead me to having a level of CONFIDENCE that I have never had. 

My  Fear turned to Faith as I humbled my self to STAND FIRM (instead of run & hide) and to PERSIST (instead of avoid/contol or be passive) and without knowing what to do at time, I went head into the experiences and learned that the outcomes were learning experiences  that God uses to build me up to be the Design I am meant to be as a man of God. 

As I read in scripture that a prideful walk leads to foolishness and immaturity, no wonder I wanted to avoid difficult situations and numb out the discomfort. No one taught me to Stand Firm and Persist. 

God is reaching out to Christians and the Bondage Response is to Avoid it. Keeping Christians immature and  doing Foolish things. 

If you make a COMMITMENT to Walk New God WILL COMFORT your Discomfort and when you step out in faith and STAND FIRM and PERSIST (over and over- as long as it takes) you will MATURE and gain WISDOM that leads to DISCERNMENT and I guarnetee the desire to numb out life will start falling away. 


You will be living as you were DESIGNED to live and it is GLORIOUS!

As you step into the New Walk and gain New Experiences you will gain a CONFIDENCE you have never experienced but are MEANT to. This will lead to a level of PREPARDNESS that God will want you to step out and take a RISK. 

Christians Risk all the time, just that they are doing it from a foolish-immature (Bondage Response) way and it results in failure that they then live with the Discomfort of that experience to never take a Freedom Response Risk.


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