A New Frustration

In my journal time I was expressing my Discomfort and noticed the Holy Spirit bringing on Comfort to my realization that my Frustration in my marriage was not my wife’s fault…but my own.
It was a New level of maturity to accept the responsibility and to make a commitment to BECOMING THE MAN GOD DESIGNED ME TO BE TO MAKE MY MARRIAGE VICTORIOUS.

This led me to start asking questions to other Christian’s about what they were experiencing frustration in.
Finances, were the answers and what shocked me even more was that most, if not all, were pointing the finger of judgement and criticism at the other person.

Ever see the visual where you point one finger at something and have 3 others pointing back at YOU?

I had lived the same way of passively or aggressively pointing the finger of blame at other people and over the years those same area’s mentioned above were going down hill. It is in scripture where ‘if you have no vision, people perrish’ and the vision I had in those area’s of life had become so distorted that they started to look like the rest of the world’s vision and I was becoming ‘one of the statistics’ and yet, not willing to do anything about it myself…as if I already exhausted all possibilities, and have a pride filled expectation of ‘it’s time for the other person to DO their part’ mentality.

No wonder living with that kind of ‘vision’ I was perishing. No wonder I had a desire to NUMB out this ‘pain’ or just AVOID it all together and think that ‘this is just the way life is’.

When I took responsibility for what kind of VISION I desire to have and make a persistant COMMITMENT to the fulfillment of this vision-to not be passive or take over and CONTROL everything- I realized that I was living by His Design to depend on Him to Walk this New path out.

So, when I talk to others of what Walking out His Design looks like- a great place to start is: What is FRUSTRATING you? Who is bringing on this great DISCOMFORT? What area of your life are you PASSIVELY waiting for someone else to take over? What area of your life are you filling up your plate of life with so much busy-ness that no one else can even offer you a hand of assistance?

This blog and NO book can help you to do what you are designed to do. That is done when you are ready to Walk New in the Holy Spirits power by making a commitment to depend on Jesus to LEAD you into the very thing that makes you afraid. Oh yea, by avoiding the very thing that has filled you with frustration has gone on long enough to now produce a level of fear to keep you in hiding and have the Area’s of Life perrish.

This blog is to give you a glimpse into the Vision of who you are and what you are made of and to Walk FROM this.

Again, what area of your life is giving you DISCOMFORT?

Fill in the blank in your journal: To become the man God designed me to be to make my………………..victorious.

For me, my marriage was to be in that blank years ago when I was working on this and I am STILL walking that out. You see, the opposite of Walking is: running-hiding-avoiding. My TRAINING is to Stand Firm and to Persist in the very thing I was avoiding.

YOUR TRAINING will be in the Area of Life that God wants and needs your maturity, strength, discernment and wisdom in but is lacking because of your hiding, running away from and avoiding. Like Adam in the garden in Genesis. “Adam where are you? And Adam was silent like he could hide from God. What a fool to think and ACT in such a way. I personally know what that feels like. It is my OLD walk that still pops its head up now and then and wants me to stay safe, but in the Holy Spirits power-those old ways of trying to bring up fear fade away as Faith over rides the Discomfort to Persist in the Vision God has for me to Walk in His Design.

I look forward to hearing what Area of Life God wants you to Walk New in and to hear the New Story that brings Glory to God by your Persistence of Faith to over-ride the fear of what is Frustrating you. This very discomfort of frustration is a call to Walk New.

What is my new New Walk? To become the man God designed me to be to make my business victorious.

And it is Glorious in how He is Blessing my Obedience.

He will in your New Walk as well.



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