Circle of Growth

Take your journal or a piece of paper and draw a circle and divide it into 4 sections. In the top left put “man” or “woman” (section 1), section 2 will be top right and put in “speak”, section 3 will be lower right and put in “share”, section 4 is lower left and the word “lead”. 

I will return to this in a momen. First check out this website that has a FREE version of Oswald Chambers devotions from a book called My Utmost For His Highest…a book you should own. this is April 20th:

Another resource is Watchman Nee’s book called The Spiritual Man and in it he mentions:

“Is it possible for a child of God to have a new life and a new heart but be without a new head. With too many saints, the mind, though their heart is new, is still quite old. Their heart is full of love whereas their head is totally lacking in perception. How often the intents of the heart are utterly pure and yet the thoughts in the head are confused. Having become saturated with a mishmash of everything, the mind lacks the most single element of all, which is spiritual insight”. Pg. 11 of part 8 that is from chapter 1 called The Mind a Battlefield.

As you walk the New Walk, pay attention…have SPIRITUAL INSIGHT, as a Child of God- How do you Speak to people, how and what do you Share with people and over all how do you Lead?

Your either doing it from an Old perspective or a New Perspective. Another way of putting it is living your life from a “Wounded” perspective or a “Healed” perspective.

The first box of Man/Woman can be subdivided into Old/New. As you are doing the rest of the sections from a New or Old PERSPECTIVE. So, as a Man of God, I can Speak, Share and Lead from an old-wounded perspective (and still do) or I can do it from a Healed/New perspective. April 20th reveals much of how this is accomplished in the above webpage of Utmost devotion.

Another exercise is to take a self assessment and put in a # in each section. Not a grade…but a peek into how your current perception is of you as a Man/Woman of God. Put in each section a # of 1-10 of how YOU see your current perception of how you are walking out your New Walk with God. There are no right or wrong numbers and no one is looking over your shoulder…be honest- it will pay off if you follow along with what we all are doing.

Mine are:
Man = 8
Speak = 7
Share = 3
Lead = 6

How do I come up with these numbers, well, I just kinda listen inside and think about how I interact with the world and my community of people that I am involved with at home, work & travels. You know inside how you interact with YOUR world- just put a number to it and yes, you can always change and modify it later when you better understand all this.

Each number reveals a Strength and Gift inside you based on your perception number. There may be a strength you are gifted in and someone gave you a ‘low’ number and you are LIVING from that number! It is a Wounded Perspective! And, you are living it out in OLD ways! God is calling you out of that perspective….giving you a higher number, but Christians all over are refusing that New Walk. I use this number system to just give you an idea of what we all ‘naturally’ do…judge and be critical of our words and actions and I put a number system to it to form a model of looking into what we do…God does not do this. Come on now- have fun with this!

Over the next few blog posts I will be focusing on each section and what they mean…so, hang in there and enjoy the process of expanding your Spiritual Insight and Perception of how you Speak, Share and Lead as a Man/Woman of God = the New Walk!



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