Vision (session#1)

You have to remember that Vision comes to you…right where you are and in the job and home that you are already in. The energy you spend chasing something else is to be re-directed to where you are needed right now in the season of your current job and even in your home.

You do not need to wait to fulfill God’s vision for you by waiting for the next job to do this…no, you are needed right where you are TODAY. As a job or certain amount of income is not what is needed…what is needed is for YOU to stir the gifts God has planted in your heart and Spirit and to take a risk on looking ‘foolish’ (you know what I mean if you were at my talk) and reveal what vision God has for the situations you are in currently.
We need more of this – and imagine practicing this day after day, how much more so you will be blessed by doing this…instead of chasing a new job or asking for a raise or wishing for a different home situation…spend time taking a risk in a New Walk by daring to look foolish to gain Understanding.

We need more men and women of ‘Understanding’.

Remember – God kept me as a Hair Stylist and is using me as a Man of Understanding without chasing a new job or higher paycheck – thing is, he has blessed me with both by being obedient.

And so can you….right where you are. And I realize this is easier said than done, but you can only ‘understand’ this more so by doing it over and over with persistence and not giving up = walking out vision. I did not say it was easy, but learning how to walk as a Woman or Man of Understanding is not intended to be easy. Stepping outside of yourself and doing something for someone else (the Heart of a Servant) and to do it in a way that is bigger than anything you can do on your own is never easy. But it will be blessed if your intentions are of Gods Kingdom. If it isn’t blessed, than maybe you should consider if it was ‘your kingdom’ trying to get favor.

If you are uncertain, talk it out with another Woman or Man of Understanding and work it out – as that is a part of what we are called to do is by Working it Out.

I look forward to your replies and comments as you step out to become Understood, find your vision and create a New Walk in the Vision God has put in you.


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