Want to understand your Vision? (Session #2)

Want to understand vision better?
Drop everything and go do something for someone else! Or – drop what you are doing and ask someone to forgive you for something you have done!

Why? Serving others and asking for forgiveness are two areas that open doors of opportunities for discovering your vision.

Step outside of your normal routine and let go of the structure of the certainty you have set up to discover something new from a perspective of uncertainty. 

Serving others and asking for forgiveness are a couple ways to kill pride and walk in humility that will expose NEW vision to you. Why? It is naturally uncomfortable to serve others and to ask for forgiveness so the natural thing to do is NOT to do it. We avoid it. 

Doing this alone helps you to uncover where your intentions are and this is telling you and others around you what kind of story you are telling.
Here is a part that I was going to leave out – but I will include it as a part of helping you to realize how important vision can impact you and others around you – ((Ever notice that the story you are telling is one of safety and of one with no risk – one that fits in with a high percentage of people around you and the world in general? When you step out of that comfort zone you will be noticed and this series of articles is set up to guide you to completion of your vision…because some of you will get resistance or not much encouragement for living by design and may stop for lack of mentoring.))

These actions of Humility strengthen you and start to diminish negative things built up over the years such as resentment, judgement, bitterness and stewing anger – no wonder we want to numb out and yet do not understand why. No wonder we want to stay safe and not take any future actions based on this perspective as Pride is wasting humanity to dust.
We have unintentionally built up VALUES of appreciating Judgement & Criticism or even Anger.

((What do you do? Avoid? or Numb Out?))

Many of us have unintentionally or intentionally engineered failure and the world reinforces this!
So – we can now engineer success and do it by Walking New with God. We can make plans and HE can guide our steps. You can not hear how to walk out vision when you have resentment, bitterness, judgement and other ‘fruits’ speaking into your heart, soul & mind – these are dictating a and fueling your current vision with negativity. 

What occupies residence in your mind is valuable real-estate and hoarding memories of the past can deteriorate your mind by renewing it with trash that can cause harm to your own body and to others by how you treat them, what you say to them (and yourself) and the choices and decisions you make to take a risk with are all based on Vision fueled with pride, selfishness or unforgiveness. I can tell you that these areas are unconsciously dictating your underlying vision. All vision is fueled with some from of ‘fruit’ that has a negative or positive energy attached to it.

Vision is one part perspective and one part design.

With training and practice we can gain a new perspective and create a new design to gain a New Understanding = A New Walk. 

Humility or Pride:
Serving others (Humility) or serving self (Pride).
Grace or Un-Forgiveness:
Grace and releasing the pain of hurt or Un-Forgiveness with resentment, criticism and judgement.

Humility along with Service and Grace is difficult to do and comprehend by many, and can only be understood by doing it, experiencing it & learning from it. If you can do those two things (serve others and walk in grace), then learning about your vision can be just as challenging. but come to you by stepping out of your self inflicted comfort zone.

You may not get instant revelation as much of this is accumulates over time as you do it and then understanding comes to you in small increments.

Has un-forgivess, lack of serving others, judgement, resentment, bitterness and pride been an indicator in your life that also includes some form of  Numbing Out or Avoidance?

Send me your thoughts and I look forward to your comments as we progress in the Vision God has placed in your heart. 



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