Opening Doors of Opportunity – Vision Session #3

Opening Doors of Opportunity

As you pursue risk and doors open for you – one thing that has to develop over time is the process of skin thickening.

Skin Thickening happens over time from learning to not take things personal. It may hurt a bit or make you feel uncomfortable – but you learn to not take it personal.

When we start out at first, everyone may or may not be on board for you and your Vision Journey. Thing is – we have to live our life without permission from everyone to accomplish our goals. If we go around asking everyone what their thoughts are on doing what we are designed to do then we are doing things based on what others think vs doing things that we are meant to do. Other peoples opinions can have a strength and authority in our lives to the point of not following our calling if we are concerned with what others think more so than what we sense in our Spirit to do.

We are not under the authority of others once we are over the age of 18 and are mature enough to take on the responsibilities of life. This is about taking on what you are Responsible for and God has given you a Realm of Influence to be in charge of.

It is very important to have your spouse and family on board with what you are doing – that is a given.

Worry of what others think will keep doors of opportunity closed.
Fear, frustration, judgement, criticism and pride keep doors closed.

Serving others opens doors.

This is about doing something bigger than yourself and thin skinned people are in fear of what others think syndrome. 

So as you take on a risk and step through the door of opportunity (pursuing your vision) we become sensitive to what others think more so of what we are doing because of lack of confidence in knowing what we are doing.
It is ‘natural’ to feel this.
It is ‘Supernatural’ to break through this.

There are many leaders out there that do NOT know what they are doing every moment of walking out their vision.
You realize your a leader right? So this means you can still lead and not know every step you are to take – and this is normal. 

So, what is it that keeps them on their path? What helps them to make choices and decisions even when they are unsure of what to do?
1)Values ((I value Biblical Principles and A Healthy Authenticity to name a couple))
2)Knowing what is important to them ((Self Control & Patience are a couple things important for me – yeah we all say family, health and work – but this is more about what resides in you and not about what is outside of you))
3)What they believe in – and this is so important to them that it drives all of what they do and are building for the Vision that is in their heart. And this is ‘why’ they do what they do – as people believe in why you do what you do – not just what you do.

What is important for you to walk out your vision is what keeps you on the right path.
When you are short on knowing what to do at times – your values help you make decisions in moments of uncertainty. As ultimately is is you and what is important to you that dictates where your vision should go. If you make a poor decision then you will know quickly how to change it and redirect it. If you are doing things based on what other people think, then you will be stuck and uncertain in decision making and leading with what is important to you – and when others sense this they will unfollow you and not trust you in your lack of follow through.
People need to see you follow through even if it fails, or to change direction to another option. As you deal with a bad decision people will see your strength and even want to help or support you. People want to see you succeed and they also want to believe in you more so when they see that you are in it for the long run and are willing to fight for it.

This process thickens your skin. As you skin thickens it can influence you to become Arrogant and Prideful – or – Humble and Service Orientated – and it is all about what you value, what is important to you and what you believe in.

And as Doors of Opportunity open for you – it is important to be reminded of what is influencing your decision making and thin skinned people are obviously hiding behind numbing out and avoiding risks out fear of what others think of them…closing doors of opportunity.

Do you feel as if there are no opportunities for you?

Is your skin thin or thick?

You can feel sorry for yourself and stay that way – and that is a form of Pride – thinking only of yourself.
OR – you can be Humble…and ask for help, believe that doors can open by taking a risk to value what is important to you and your family from a Biblically Based Journey to Serve Others in a New Walk.


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