Authority to Speak Into Your Life? Session #4 on Vision

Backing off at times is one thing, having uncertainty is another – as doubt is not knowing what to do from lack of experience and that is ok to a certain extent – but it is how people see you deal with conflict that reveals your values and ultimately your character for conflict resolution that confirms who you are and also your leadership.

Thin skinned people back off and quit – and yet being doubtful and having uncertainty is ok…just do not quit – get used to spending time considering a resolution instead of reacting quickly in uncertainty and letting fear creep in. Fear will nip your Vision Adventure off in a heart beat. Uncertainty is not fear unless you let it cross the line of what is important to you.

What helps garner support and developing confidence is asking for help (Humility). People let uncertainty or fear cross the line of what they value and what is important and loose ground on their vision because their pride prevents them for reaching out. You were given a community of people out there that want to support you and our Old Walk shuts that out in avoidance and numbing out.
Asking for help in many ways is like having a Master Mind Group of individuals that are there for you to support and guide you. You will be Blessed by having others in your Realm of Influence – or you will feel Cursed when you are all alone.
As you consider what you should do and value the options that others can suggest for you – you are brainstorming action options based on the experience of other people that you value and respect = give authority to.
This is Vision Talk where you throw out a bunch of options and see what sticks and learn not to take what does not stick personal. Your skin thickens as you release unimportant things that do not fulfill your vision. You are learning to focus on what is essential to your purpose, calling and vision with releasing what is not essential.
This is very important to grasp onto.

You need to exercise and practice to lead with your vision.
An example of this going on right now even is your thought process as you read through this manifesto of positive and negative images, thoughts or the inner critic creating dialog in your mind being scattered about as to criticizing this article or the opposite with seeing the value of this resource.

What is winning?
There is Negative Vision Talk and it wants to stick with you. It is important to notice this going on and identify which thought process is sticking on you?

Not everyone knows how to Vision Talk – as their doors of opportunity are closed or restricted and do not have the ability to communicate vision to a certain extent because of their own lack of Vision Adventure in life. They have not been a good steward of the Realm of Responsibility they have been privy to and lack people in their Realm of Influence.
Be careful taking counsel from those that lack understanding/adventure/vision in their own life. Many of those that lack wisdom speak more from criticism than actual experience. So you will be learning how to Discern the values of others as they communicate – again…your skin is thickening.

You must communicate Vision Talk to other people that you give authority (Permission is granted to only a select few) to – your Master Mind Group of individuals that you respect and allow into your vision to help you, get ideas and see what is of value to pursue = what sticks with you. As you put energy into and look for a resolution to what you are uncertain about, it is important to incorporate the authority of other peoples wisdom at times. Then as you take it on, make it work and learn from it – your skin thickens because it is what is best for you and your vision.

It is mandatory to be uncomfortable as you grow into your vision as you release your Old Walk.

What if you do not have a group of people? This is the result for many who have hidden, avoided and numbed out with no group of people that have authority to speak into you that you can respect – so, Napoleon Hill (Author of Think and Grow Rich) recommends doing this in your mind with people that are significant to you in your life. Authors, Spiritual Influences and other Leaders that you have read about and  offer guidance from can be recollected in your mind when given it thought, time in study or meditation with a journal or sheet of paper to catch the Vision Talk that comes to you. You don’t worry about neatness as you write – just put on paper all that comes to you and as you look it over you will see a pattern and then make some connections with as you marinate in it. 

Try it and see what sticks!

In your journey – when others disagree with your vision or bash it to smithereens – you will be disappointed and hurt at times but you will realize that it will not take you out or kill your dream unless you obsess about their authority. This is why Grace and Forgiveness are first and foremost in walking out Vision as you need to release these people from any form of power they try to grasp onto. You may not forget what they have done by any means but is more about releasing any form of authority they try to manage in your life.

Who have you given Authority to speak into your life?
Positive Authority – find or locate those you respect to speak into your Vision. 
Negative Authority – time to realize who you have given undo respect to and release them. 

Not everyone has authority to speak into your life – it is only your Master Mind Group that you have given authority to speak into your heart – not every ‘come and go person’ that mentions you or your journey can speak life into you or speak vision killers to you UNLESS you give authority to them. While easier said then done, but over time you will not let Vision Killers the required authority to influence you and your heart – therefor your skin thickens.

Sadly the only way to thicken skin is by going through interactions with these people and situations.

In the end – it makes you a better and stronger person that strengthens your maturity and wisdom as you are Walking New.


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