How to Discover Balance in Your New Walk

It was 40 years ago this week that Phillipe Petite walked across the twin towers in NYC to amaze the world of what is humanly possible.

What amazes me more so is another High Wire Walker Nik Wallenda.
I was one of 10 million that watched Nik make history by taking some entwined wire and putting it across the Grand Canyon – and if you watched it you will notice that the very first step he took over the canyon had a ‘wow-factor’ that took your breath away (watch the first minute of the link I provided!).

For Nik (and Phillipe) to achieve his goals – he accessed his Vision through his God-given imagination. The next step is to have Faith that it can happen by planning it out – as planning it out is a sign of you willing to act on your faith – and finally it comes down to taking a huge risk…and take that first step while living out your vision. As each step you take will reveal that you are living out your imagination and faith and you will experience your own Wow- Factor as vision comes into view.

Faith like this over time becomes VISIBLE!

Vision comes in part from our Imagination and in Faith we think and create with it – but it is of no value without taking action on it – which means you need to take that first step.

If you want to experience light at the end of the tunnel – you must take that first step – and keep stepping until your faith becomes something you can sense, feel or see.
Over time it is very much possible to forget the dark tunnel and walk in light for the remaining of your life.

I go for early morning walks and that first few minutes is in total darkness – until my eyes adjust and I can start to make out trace spots of the neighborhood road I a on. Perspective Adjustment takes time for your eyes to get used to because at first you are squinting before they can fully open.
Vision Planning is squinting at first until your eyes adjust and open up completely.

My previous post of living my life from The Cube revealed that I also had tunnel vision and was in my own interpretation of darkness…for years. It was only when The Cube crashed was I out of myself and could actually sense a light at the end of the tunnel.
I took a risk to walk on my own High Wire.
This feels very liberating.

Nik Wallenda annoyed some people with his non-stop praying to himself to comfort his walk as he was experiencing shifting winds, dust on the wire, the sleight moving of the wire as he walked on it and maybe even thoughts of his family member Karl Wallenda who fell to his death by taking his imagination and faith to risk walking on a wire in San Juan, Puerto Rico – but I can tell you from my own experience – I practice praying like this many times during the day as I walk on my own wire!
Taking a step towards the light at the end of the tunnel may require you to do so as well.
It did not work when I was lacking faith, filling my imagination with doubt and had no planning and was feeling stuck and did very little about it. That to me was not a dark tunnel – that to me was Hell when I recall those memories now.

Don’t forget – when Nik walks the wire he has practiced, planned out – and oh-yea…he has a balancing pole to hold in his hands to maintain balance as he walks on something about 1/2 the size of the width of his foot.
My Balancing Pole is my relationship with Christ – same as Nik’s.

You must find your Balancing Pole and learn how it affects your imagination, creativity, faith and planning and then take it with you as you take a risk on your own first step…and each step leads to a New Walk.


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