The One Thing you Need to Kill Fear!

Mystery is a requirement for someone to live out their vision. If you are a man or woman of faith – there is one thing that fills in the gaps of uncertainty, mystery and fear.

To have confidence in something larger than yourself and to know you are growing and on a path without knowing every detail – is what faith is about.

So, when you have uncertainty – realize faith is fueling you in your vision…and when you sense that you are in a gap of uncertainty, it is prayer in these gap moments as one of your best defenses of not letting doubt, uncertainty and mystery lead to fear.

I guarantee you are muttering something under your breath when the poop hits the fan – you might just as well be talking with God as your doing it…and that is one form of prayer.

I also bet that when a sense of over-whelm hits you – or a feeling of inadequacy that you can’t do something you have never done before – all of these can cross an invisible line that sucks you into fear if left on it’s own.

I have seen many that mutter under their breath ‘prayer talk‘ instead of cussing – and this is a huge realization in that someone can reprogram their nervous system and cause positive reactions (peace, patience and even joy) as a response to mystery and fear. This is huge if you can practice this over and over.

Again, the best defense is to let the sense of overwhelm, uncertainty and fear LEAD you to prayer and that will help you to SEE FAITH IN ACTION as you Walk New.


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