Words of Influence

Learning to write for me was not an academic process from higher education – as I did not like reading and writing while growing up other than getting a certificate for good penmanship in 3rd grade – but that was more related to ‘drawing’ letters more so than writing letters for me.

What helped me fall in love with writing was much later in life as I was exploring the Artist within me by reading “The Artist Way” by taking on The Daily Pages exercises of writing 3 pages everyday – even if it did not make sense – just pouring words out on the paper everyday for 30 days. I quickly realized how great it made me feel to get words and thoughts out of my head and to express them with pen and paper.

That was 10 years ago and I NEVER would read those pages – as I would write three pages on paper and put them in a big vanilla envelope. 

I was on a cleaning rant recently of where I store long ago works of art & photography in the garage and I just now went into the garage, to where I stored those pages and to read them for the first time since writing them…and realized that they got thrown away.

I am a hoarder to some extent – not in saving paper, books and photography – but more of a collector of thoughts and ideas for inspiration.

Doing those exercises ignited my mind and generated a cycle of ideas that to this day has not stopped. I now realize that it was always going on in my mind, but this process just gave me permission to BE it and DO IT and to recognize that it is a part of who I am.

Just about every night I would get thoughts in my dream mind and write them down. Many times I would toss and turn at night and realized that my mind was active and would write down my thoughts with a pen and paper that is always bedside and would go back to sleep with the comfort of knowing my thoughts were safe.

I discovered an instinctive discipline getting up earlier, as words were entering into my mind and the only way I could go back to sleep (or start my day) was to put them on paper (I bought journals after doing my Daily Pages exercise).

Other times I would pray, read Scriptures and just listen….because if I were to hear God in my heart, it would be worth it to record it. So many times I hear Him in my soul and to capture it on paper would be something to remember – right?

Capturing words on paper changed my life.

It would influence many areas of growth for me and also impact others as you will also discover. 

If you sense a desire to express what is on your heart, in your mind and can’t sleep well or have ramblings in your Spirit to get things off your chest – then start today to just get used to putting those thoughts down in a journal or on your computer in a safe file for your eyes only.
It is a process that will initially feel uncomfortable, but I assure you that it will lead to a wonderful reward of self discovery and in the end a discovery of what people around you are like as well.

For now, write whatever you want – large or small – and all I ask is for you to fill ONE PAGE with your thoughts, ramblings, scribblings and over the next 7 days to write everyday (whenever you want) and after seven days to look it over and read what you have discovered. It may be a theme, a song, poem, rambling ideas or just more confusion…but I bet that over time you will be released of something or uncover a sense of satisfaction – and this IS writing that over time draws many to the art and craft of writing. In our case we can do this without concerns for being a novelist or writing a book even…just writing for yourself is worth it and good enough for the present time.

Over the next few weeks I will be sharing what works for me and my own writing in hopes to build curiosity in your own creative expression in learning how to ignite words of influence for your own writing.


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