The One Thing you Need to Kill Fear!

Mystery is a requirement for someone to live out their vision. If you are a man or woman of faith – there is one thing that fills in the gaps of uncertainty, mystery and fear.

To have confidence in something larger than yourself and to know you are growing and on a path without knowing every detail – is what faith is about.

So, when you have uncertainty – realize faith is fueling you in your vision…and when you sense that you are in a gap of uncertainty, it is prayer in these gap moments as one of your best defenses of not letting doubt, uncertainty and mystery lead to fear.

I guarantee you are muttering something under your breath when the poop hits the fan – you might just as well be talking with God as your doing it…and that is one form of prayer.

I also bet that when a sense of over-whelm hits you – or a feeling of inadequacy that you can’t do something you have never done before – all of these can cross an invisible line that sucks you into fear if left on it’s own.

I have seen many that mutter under their breath ‘prayer talk‘ instead of cussing – and this is a huge realization in that someone can reprogram their nervous system and cause positive reactions (peace, patience and even joy) as a response to mystery and fear. This is huge if you can practice this over and over.

Again, the best defense is to let the sense of overwhelm, uncertainty and fear LEAD you to prayer and that will help you to SEE FAITH IN ACTION as you Walk New.


10 Ideas that Prove You Have a Vision.

#10 – Contact someone who inspires you to let them know why they inspired you and thank them. Gratitude is a sign of having a vision sparked in you by someone else’s creativity and you should express thanks by crediting them and also reveal to them how you are taking their legacy into your own vision.

#9 – Connect with a friend, or a team…better yet – engage with your spouse to brainstorm your Vision and see how many ideas are discovered. Engagement is a form of energy to draw out potential of your vision – it it resonates with them…great! If not, then find those that do resonate with it and form an alliance to take it to another level.

#8 – Tell the World – let words flow from your heart, soul & spirit of what you are conceiving. Start with some practice in your Journal or on your computer program for writing – and consider a blog of expressing and refining your vision.

#7 – Take a Day/Weekend off to start your vision. Planning and the process of spending Energy on your vision comes with marking out your calendar with the intention of focused time on Vision Strategy and Development and just doing it.

#6 – Vision comes in to your mind at unexpected moments – in the shower, shaving or even while working out – and ideas are inspiration to act on. Instead of working on your vision non-stop, plan for unexpected revelation of ideas by planning to play more often and even to exercise – as it is not only good for your body but it is mandatory to clear your mind to receive more thoughts. You can say, “I hate to exercise” but if you reframe that to be, “I love to get new thoughts” and exercise is one way to receive those thoughts and benefit your body secondary!

#5 – Help a friend – heck, help a stranger. Acts of Service bring out the best of what is needed and you can also catch glimpses of what is being done well that will inspire you and trigger ideas of what to incorporate into your vision.

#4 – Recommend a great book or a Ted-Talk that reached down into your own soul and sparked many ideas or thoughts of what others are achieving. When you contact another person with the thought of “Hey I was thinking of you and thought you may like this book (or Ted-Talk) and would love to know your thoughts on it.” – This will create a new momentum in building levels of engagement much like a Master Mind group does with getting input from other people that accelerate in other areas that can inspire your own vision.

#3 – Up your Game! Improve your Service. Create ENGAGEMENT by expressing and showing us your passion, commitment and faith that you are putting into your Vision. Sitting on the couch day dreaming is putting energy into a passive action producing a passive result that many times produces stagnation – as it is only when you put active engagement into your vision will it actively progress giving you feedback on what to do or what to adjust.

#2 – Establish Boundaries and communicate those over and over. You are directing a vision and this means that you are Leading people. When you lead people you must communicate what is important to you over and over to clarify any confusion that will pop up or unexpected turn of events that can cause panic or frustration. Setting Boundaries means that you will reflect and communicate what is important for both parties and try to reach an agreement so that the relationship can continue – if it is not agreed upon then it means that a mutual separation or a strategic move or alliance can be developed. If it is horrible to move forward with then this is good to know now and deal with it immediately instead of down the road – so termination can be best for BOTH parties.

#1 – Know WHY you are doing what you are doing. A book called Start with Why mentions that it is what is most important to you and what you believe about what you are doing that draws other people into your vision. As if they also believe what you do then they are willing to support why you are doing what you are doing. Write it out – focus on it – develop it and know it like your name…Why you are doing what you are doing is the most important feature of fueling your everyday energy input into your vision. Passion is important for sure, but passion can fall off the side quickly if you do not BELIEVE in what you are doing. Do not tell me ‘what’ you do – Tell me: WHY you believe your vision will help you and others?

How to Discover Balance in Your New Walk

It was 40 years ago this week that Phillipe Petite walked across the twin towers in NYC to amaze the world of what is humanly possible.

What amazes me more so is another High Wire Walker Nik Wallenda.
I was one of 10 million that watched Nik make history by taking some entwined wire and putting it across the Grand Canyon – and if you watched it you will notice that the very first step he took over the canyon had a ‘wow-factor’ that took your breath away (watch the first minute of the link I provided!).

For Nik (and Phillipe) to achieve his goals – he accessed his Vision through his God-given imagination. The next step is to have Faith that it can happen by planning it out – as planning it out is a sign of you willing to act on your faith – and finally it comes down to taking a huge risk…and take that first step while living out your vision. As each step you take will reveal that you are living out your imagination and faith and you will experience your own Wow- Factor as vision comes into view.

Faith like this over time becomes VISIBLE!

Vision comes in part from our Imagination and in Faith we think and create with it – but it is of no value without taking action on it – which means you need to take that first step.

If you want to experience light at the end of the tunnel – you must take that first step – and keep stepping until your faith becomes something you can sense, feel or see.
Over time it is very much possible to forget the dark tunnel and walk in light for the remaining of your life.

I go for early morning walks and that first few minutes is in total darkness – until my eyes adjust and I can start to make out trace spots of the neighborhood road I a on. Perspective Adjustment takes time for your eyes to get used to because at first you are squinting before they can fully open.
Vision Planning is squinting at first until your eyes adjust and open up completely.

My previous post of living my life from The Cube revealed that I also had tunnel vision and was in my own interpretation of darkness…for years. It was only when The Cube crashed was I out of myself and could actually sense a light at the end of the tunnel.
I took a risk to walk on my own High Wire.
This feels very liberating.

Nik Wallenda annoyed some people with his non-stop praying to himself to comfort his walk as he was experiencing shifting winds, dust on the wire, the sleight moving of the wire as he walked on it and maybe even thoughts of his family member Karl Wallenda who fell to his death by taking his imagination and faith to risk walking on a wire in San Juan, Puerto Rico – but I can tell you from my own experience – I practice praying like this many times during the day as I walk on my own wire!
Taking a step towards the light at the end of the tunnel may require you to do so as well.
It did not work when I was lacking faith, filling my imagination with doubt and had no planning and was feeling stuck and did very little about it. That to me was not a dark tunnel – that to me was Hell when I recall those memories now.

Don’t forget – when Nik walks the wire he has practiced, planned out – and oh-yea…he has a balancing pole to hold in his hands to maintain balance as he walks on something about 1/2 the size of the width of his foot.
My Balancing Pole is my relationship with Christ – same as Nik’s.

You must find your Balancing Pole and learn how it affects your imagination, creativity, faith and planning and then take it with you as you take a risk on your own first step…and each step leads to a New Walk.

How the Unexpected Can Build Your Vision!

Your vision did not see the unexpected coming on did it?

Things do not go our way all the time…right?

Well, this is something that you should start your day a with reality check and just be aware of – as if you fill up your day you can limit your Vision potential by how you engage with unexpected events that arise. Your family, business and emotional health take a hit on you filling up your schedule to the point where you forget – or just do not deal with it (avoid)- to the best that you can because you are in a frazzled mental state.

So if you are an over achiever – this article is for you!

You couch potatoes can take a break from reading this.

Unexpected events are also a test of seeing what you are made of. To reveal how you will lead through that temporary setback – and if you are in an overwhelmed state of mind then you need to step back and breath through it for a mature perspective. This ‘stepping back’ can not happen if you are in a ‘go on to the next thing’ state of mind.
And you also realize that (while not all the time) it seems as if things can happen in sets of three’s – seems like not one, not two – but three things can all of a sudden pop up and distract you from your momentum.
So, when do you catch up and set boundaries, or work through these situations that are waiting for your input and action to resolve it?
So many of us have unresolved situations roaming around in our heads and hearts – and if not there they are in our homes and business.

If you were to write a movie and leave things unresolved it would be related to Independent (Artsy) films that do not close the circle – when you leave the movie you are wondering what happened – it is a form of tension that leaves you with a sense of incompletion (unresolved) – and that is the form of entertainment you paid money to watch.
Well, the same thing goes on in real life with a lot of incomplete circles of unacknowledged stories in our life that go on and leave you with some form of tension.

Traditional films and stories have a completion (a resolution) – or a closing of the circle – so that when you leave the theater or finish the book you know what happened and there is very little tension lingering in you. You may like the end or not, but you are not left wondering what happened.

We have a choice everyday to close circles, leave them open or create incomplete circles in other peoples lives – and your overall perspective may not even notice which stories in your life you are leaving things in that condition. One way of finding out is to take a Risk and ask others in your life if anything needs to be resolved. This is a HUGE contribution to your own Vision by taking this on for your own growth.
In your business you can ask your clients what needs to be resolved. Or – if you have a staff you can approach them individually to Engage with them to put a halt to the inner tension that is affecting their job wether they realize it or not.
In your home you can ask if something needs to be addressed and closed up – so that there is no inner tension lingering in those that you care for and love.

Closing circles and leaving some open are all options we have to learn from…as some will remain open and unresolved and only God can heal you from the tension that can linger for the rest of your life if you let it. Your inner story of tension CAN experience resolution only when you take it to God for Him to Father you through it…it may take time for inner resolution to give you a sense of peace instead of tension, but I know more people that have experienced this compared to others that have not.
It is possible to experience spiritual, physical and emotional healing. This is encouraging!

Listen here Overachiever – you can avoid life’s tensions just like the couch potato – but instead of being on the couch – you fill your schedule so dang full that you can look like you are a success – but in reality you are looking good on the outside as you are avoiding Life Story Reality on the inside. You need to plan time to resolve things and close up the circles of tension in your own life and the life you have an impact on. If you say “I forgot’ or “I just do not have the time” or if you have become heartless by saying “It just is not that important” – then you are too busy to care about and deal with the underlying values that drive your vision and you are loosing the very people that are the foundation of your family and business – or – you are loosing your own self in being overly distracted and busy.

Consider this – while you are still breathing, while you still have time to – put it in your schedule or your Life Plan to face those that are in your Realm of Influence.

You can lead with your Vision to open, close or expand other peoples Life Story Circles by taking a daily Risk of Walking New.

Listening to The Silence – A Part of My Own Story & Vision

Listening to the silence

Part of my own story – Commitment to Walking New

A few years ago I felt as if I was in a Cube of fragile glass that was transparent and yet was cloudy if you were to try to look through it – as if it was a very thin fragile piece of marble that you could almost see through – and it was surrounding me – causing my vision to be blurry.

Part of my own life story was a fear of what other people thought of me. This came from my youth where I was always criticized from friends, parents and coaches for about everything I did. They did very little encouragement and was heavy handed with the judgement or fault finding.

As time went on and I experienced a lot of inner resolution and heart healing mainly from a book by John Eldredge called “Wild at Heart”. I discovered that there is more to my life than I had realized and I also gained a lot from another guy by the name of Gary Barkalow who wrote a book called “Its Your Call” and what stood out to me over the years of letting those books and conferences I went to marinate in my soul & spirit was that it was time for me to walk in authenticity of how God designed me. I could sense in my heart that there was more to living life that I was capable of and yet I am blind to it.

I can say that I read at least a hundred books on the Christian walk and when I realized that they all started to sound the same to me in certain areas, and this was a bit of a revelation for me that was permission for me to tell the world my own story. Please do not misunderstand my wording – as each persons story is unique and of value and what was impressed on my heart was an understanding that my own story has value and that it can help others by telling it.

One thing that gets a bad rap most of the time is the word ‘persistence’ as it implies drudgery and tormenting of doing something over and over without anything changing.
Well – kind of!
But as you are fueled with a Vision you get a Supernatural form of energy within you that really loves most of what it takes to fulfill your vision.
It is fueled by Passion.
It has a deep sense of meaning so that you keep moving forward instead of being fueled by fear and falling backward. My own story was always falling backward and really felt as if I was in a dark tunnel with no form of light at the end of the tunnel. When I read the scripture that “Without vision you perish” – I was experiencing enough of the ‘perish’ part and realized I lacked Vision!

I remember telling some men in my life about wanting to change careers as something about my business was not working out – it was not building up to what it should be at this point in my life. I was 49 at the time and ‘feeling old’ and considered going to a vocational trade school to become an air conditioning guy or possibly a plumber or electrician – as you always need these guys year round and could easily find work.
So as I have been doing for many years, I went to my journal, got out a pen and started my process of quieting my active mind and was enjoying the next few moments of listening to the silence in my mind – as this is where I hear God, and listening to the silence prepares my mind to ask and listen – so I started with a question: “God, where do you want me to go?”

I hear in my heart: “I want you to stay a hair stylist”

And my reaction was that this was from The Enemy – the Thief who wants me to stay quiet and not share my story – that it was to confuse me – a sign that was from The Enemy of the world – and that I needed to ask again, “God, where do you want me to go? To learn about – plumber or air conditioning?”

Again, with this one deeper in my heart with some base resonance to it – “I want you to stay a hair stylist.” Over the years of listening to God – I realized this was serious and from Him. So, I listened more.

I said, “But it is not working, I am going out trying to meet people, give them my card and I have exhausted all of my current clients with no one left to help me build anymore.”

If I were to show you my work schedule – you would see I had many days with 1 client on that day – a mans cut and some days with 2 clients all day long…and Saturdays were my busy day with a few or 4 for that day with some big ticket services of hair coloring. I had no stock on my shelves as no one was buying products from me = no retail sales.

Back to my God Talk – and I hear in my heart a life changing question, “What do you love to do as a hair stylist?”

I immediatly knew what it was – this was just getting a commitment from me – a way of coming to terms with who I am about and what I love to do – I said, “I love working with Curly Hair!”

Next I heard words that forever changed my path, “Well…your not telling the world.”

I was already specializing in Curly Hair – but NO ONE knew about it!

I was also doing a little bit of everything and needed to FOCUS on what I love to do.

So, if I was to ‘Tell the World’ I needed to learn how and the next stop for me was Barnes & Noble and to get some books on having a web site and also learning about social media – as I was avoiding the social media seen back then because of all the drama it can pick up. But over time I was told that building a business page and having a web site where people that are out there searching for a quality service and content to help them with their curly hair was very much needed – so, I focused on those two areas.

That was a short three years ago – and since listening to God and how He revealed to me to drop The Cube, make a commitment to a Vision and that it was time to live authentically to how He designed me (with all the conflicts and also successes that lead up to it) and commit to something I love doing and to Tell The World about it – it has been a journey of persistence that is of pure joy!
Sure it is hard, challenging and not everyone likes me – and that is ok!
As what persistence has done is brought in the most amazing people in my life to learn from, some that wanted my help to guide them and wanted to learn what I was doing and also to form a team of people that are passionate and share the same goals and desires that I have. A community of people all around the world that shares a passion (really close to a healthy obsession really!) and doors of opportunity continue to open up.

So, I would love to hear your story of how this short series of articles are awakening in you a desire to commit to something you love to do, and how your own version of The Cube can fall off of you or crash as it did for me and to hear your answers to the questions I heard in my own heart of:

To assist you in discovering your Vision – ask yourself or in your journal time with God- What do you love to do?

And to then take the same risk I did with:

To prevent The Enemy from keeping you quiet and feel as though you do not have a voice or a story to tell – “Well…Tell The World!

And Tell the World over and over – as that is a part of your mission and can help fuel your own Vision as you Walk New.

The Easy Way to Discover Your Vision – Session #6

Each and everyday your thought process goes through a pattern of creation that no one else does – and yet you THINK that other people see, hear, feel and think the same thing…but they don’t – which means YOU have a unique Vision that is needed to be expressed. The RISK that you must take is to TELL THE WORLD and to express yourself to share to your community what it is that you alone are designed to reveal.

Say something about what you sense.
Life is not about shutting up – no, it is about sharing and speaking up.

Better yet – DO it!

Your vision requires something, then asking others about it may diffuse the possibility of its effectiveness. Your Vision may require you to act on it first and offer what you came up with to show others your idea.
What is even better is if it is incomplete you can offer the possibility of it and ask others for their input – getting others on board once they see what you came up with, as not everyone can see your imagination – they need to see what you came up with in your thoughts on paper or an actual start to the project to be able to move forward.
And that is how faith can be seen by taking an action of what frustrates you or others. As their is something that is lacking in the world and taking some form of action on it based on what your imagination offers to you for a possible solution to consider is learning to form vision from frustration. 

Let me stimulate your imagination with these thoughts to consider:

Something is being done within an area you like but it is not quite perfect until they do this: (describe it). 

What frustrates you about something that is not being done? (describe it)
You seem to be waiting over and over for something to be done about it and you can see it and know what it is and yet no one is doing anything about it. Or, you do not really know what to do about it but SOMETHING needs to be done.
Some actions require you to lead by starting something and taking it on or some actions require you to build a community and let someone else take the lead. Vision is about offering a perspective to take it on or let others take on.

We get glimpses of our purpose everyday – but avoid them over and over by misinterpreting our very own frustration by waiting for someone else to do the very thing WE are to take on or bring up to let someone else take on.
We get a sign of what our calling is everyday – but numb out with less fulfilling things and distractions because no one gives us a chance or a break to do something about it – when in all actuality we are just not doing it or taking an initiative to make it happen – we are waiting for permission when we just need to take it on and do it.

Many of us do not need a new job – you need a New Walk and this requires a risk to be taken by you to offer to the world a solution to the very thing that is lacking in you (and others) or frustrating you and others. These are signs of what you alone are to help others with.
This in one element of your Vision that no one else notices, as it sends you waves of energy for putting a long awaited passion into for its completion.

People are misinterpreting frustration with what it can become – a passion.

There are so many ‘little’ experiences like this that are needing your input that will accumulate into something larger in the future – a vision that needs so much more of what you or what you can get others to offer – but it is minimized or made insignificant, or is avoided or numbed out and killed before it can even be acted on.

These little experiences can be your personal training for accumulating wisdom and knowledge that you may not even realize immediately unless you act on them now and let them add up to reveal to you something larger that you can act on later.

Many times vision requires attention to small things now to be built up and used later for a larger vision. 

Purpose and Calling at times are not about immediate gratification. Fulfillment can come later on as the Vision takes on certain elements that are not exposed to you at first but come into play later on.
You need to discover the very things you lack in your growth by entering into your frustrations by training and through some trials to better understand your larger Vision later on.

Do you get a ‘little’ emotional from lack of understanding – well then learn to be a man or women of understanding (Proverbs 20:5) by bringing out the deep waters of your heart to impact the world with.

We all hear that God will not give you more than you can handle – so taking on what is required of you from your very own frustrations and see how turning that frustration into a solution will add to your sense of purpose & fulfillment and I guarantee that this will also help and serve others even if you or they do not see that going on yet.

Many people live without passion and yet they are fully frustrated – and learning to reframe that is a sign of Walking New.

Top Three Vision Killers of a New Walk. Vision Session #5

The New Walk as 3 Vision Killers.

As you take risks and learn from your New Walk – the top three things that kill your vision come from Immaturity, Foolishness & Pride. These Three Vision Killers close doors of opportunity quickly and create a sense of no light at the end of the tunnel and lead to avoidance and numbing out if left unchecked. 

These Vision Killers also can leave you with a sense of being mis-understood as well if you are on a New Walk quest and do not understand what is going on. 

It is not all about opening doors of opportunity – as the reality of doors opening means a consequence of the opposite – closing doors as well.
This is not about doors being closed on you – but learning to close doors intentionally by YOU.

This is about letting some things go.

It is also about making some difficult choices and decisions based on that it may not be about the people you are pointing fingers at or blaming others for your life challenges – as if you point your finger at one person, look at your finger pointing hand – you will see a few other fingers pointing back AT YOU! 

Vision killers are immaturity, foolishness, pride and also the opinions of other peoples immaturity, foolishness and pride = creating a lack of understanding.

Being around someone funny is one thing and comedy can only be taken for so long as it can be draining to laugh for a long amount of time. Comedy Club shows are only so long – and when comedians come off stage, many are regular people and only perform when they are ‘on’, and separate their lives for being ‘on’ and being ‘off’.
But when you are around someone that is ‘foolish’ constantly – it is draining…and the foolish individual doesn’t even know it and is wondering why life is not moving in the direction he reads about in other peoples life or see’s them living out with success. Success seems like a light at the end of the tunnel.

Being Funny is one thing – being Foolish is not funny nor is it not related to anything resembling the art of comedy – it is living from immaturity that is sensed in the heart by others and is many times repelled and in the long run closes doors of opportunity.
When you decided to live out a Vision and want to open doors it can be frustrating to take a risk and realize it is going no where because of doors being closed or you are not being taken seriously and levels of trust are hard to establish until a sense of maturity to engage with you is established.

Setting boundaries with yourself to mature and to gain wisdom is difficult if you are stuck in immaturity, foolishness and pride – and many times it is a matter of your own perspective more so than something you are born with and this is promising for those of you that feel you are stuck in a mindset of immaturity.

When you establish boundaries with yourself – which is called: Self Control – just that action of establishing boundaries alone is a sign of maturity and will be encouraged by others (and be on guard for those who have or will not establish boundaries with themselves). A discussion with you on the hot topics of your life will reveal areas that lack Self-Control and many times indicate areas of immaturity, foolishness and pride.

Your actions are more of an indicator to the world of who you are. Step out of immaturity in your actions and this reveals the development of a leader. As this is more powerful than reading a book on leadership and talking the talk.
There are a lot of immature leaders out there talking the talk.

Another vision killer is the ‘fake it till you make it’ philosophy – works for some – as you have to try to do something outside your comfort zone or experience zone to develop confidence – so, intention is key for how you incorporate your vision. Building confidence with authentic vision and walking that out in discomfort but with your head held high in humility is desirable compared to faking it till you make it while filled with Pride. Pride can fill your heart when you walk something out faking it and getting a positive response from it. You build a Prideful Perspective from doing this over and over.

Guard your heart for sure – but walking out in humility, asking questions, engaging with people from good intentions and learning from them builds confidence backed up with inner Maturity to fuel your walk.

You influence people through your hearts intentions based on manipulation or inspiration – so this is  where your intention comes from in your heart and is sensed by other people as if they are picked up like invisible energy waves and sensed in their own heart and spirit as to whether they are negative or positive.

Having a desire of being Understood comes from the foundational message based on Proverbs 20:5 – Proverbs overall is filled with examples of how you can learn to be understood with other peoples Maturity, Wisdom and Humility – as those things can be drawn out of you – and this is the foundation of a New Walk.