3 Seasons of Growing & Communicating Your Vision.

As I work with people one on one, I have discovered Three Seasons of Communication Styles that people use with confidence to build their business – or if used incorrectly based on fear…it will deteriorate their business.

Many do not even know they are deteriorating their business, family life or even their health – but lets just look at it for now with your business.

You do not need a degree in business to realize that how you communicate is based on fear or confidence. All one really needs is a simple article like this to wake up and realize that what you communicate is truly an expression of the condition of your attitude towards fear or confidence.

Many people have fear that is self inflicted based on (self protective) pride that:

1) creates faulty assumptions and conclusion of imaginary ‘what if’s’ and:

2) create experiences based on past immaturities and foolishness that resulted in consequences that were to be learned from and not be the final outcome.

Fear can be so vividly imagined in the mind that our body responds to it as if it were true…and many times it is invalid fear.

To break out of this self inflicted fear (that keeps people stuck in pride) I have learned that if one wants to expand their growth, we can look at each phase as a Season of Time.

There are the 3 ways of growing & communicating your vision:

Is what you value and believe in that takes a season of time to refine and gain experience of the required abilities to become a vision that reflects what you have a passion for and will commit to.
Imagine it is a process of learning a trade.

As you work what you value and believe in some will discover what is of excellence and create something that is valued for combining the ‘best of’ resources in a new way.
Some will find what is missing and create something that is valued for combining what is lacking and needed to solve problems with unique solutions.
Again, Imagine this is about a refinement of their trade that becomes a craft.

If your Process and Meaning endures the demands of what is needed, it solves problems and is unique – it may last long enough to tell a story all on its own – without force – that is an expression of your vision that impacts others strong enough so that they express it to others with joy, happiness and confidence.
For a few that create, learn, modify, experience and persist it is a lifetime of sharing a perspective that resonates with others and can become a form of Artistry.

Looking at where you are as a Season of Time in forming your vision – are you in a Season of:




You can learn where you are by the consequences you are getting.

Some are so new to building their vision that they have an Artistry mentality with no foundation of experience from being in seasons of growth of Trade & Craft – they just want the pay off. Even if you are more mature in age – you gotta be in a Trade Season.

Some are experienced people in one form of Artistry and begin a new venture and (without knowing it) are now put into a Trade Season and yet expect and almost demand to be treated as if they already are in an Artistry Season of respect that only comes with Time.

The EGO can demand pride without thinking it needs to walk in humility to gain experience that is required from being in a Trade Season that leads to a Craft Season and finally a well deserved Artistry Season.

If humility wins – consequences of growth happen almost as if they were meant to happen. Peace, patience and self control are moderating the spirit of an individual to experience a level of serving others that is geared toward what is needed for them – more so than a perspective of what I think you need.
If pride wins – consequences of stagnation & lack of building based on being judgmental and comparison that is related to jealousy will create a stream of strife (arguments, tension & comparison) and striving (demanding, proving & justifying) to ‘make it work’ – all because pride is blinding and causes a form of deafness from not ‘hearing’ how humility will serve others better than pride can (pride ONLY serves one person: YOU).

A look at your Process, Meaning and how you Express your vision can reveal an old walk mentality that has consequences that you can take personal (self inflicted) and fight back in pride with, or – you can respond for a Season in one Area of Growth that creates new consequences of humility based on a New Walk.


Mind Mapping for Your Creative Thinking

Exploring thoughts.

You get a thought and I believe it can have so much energy to it that it would be a waste to not pursue it and find out all of what it can do for you in your chosen form of creative expression.

When I want to write, create content or just plan out a family trip – I LOVE to Mind Map. It just helps me to see the bigger picture of my thoughts on paper that is much moe beneficial to me than a list or just writing out on paper sentences of what I am in considering or in thought about.

Years before knowing what Mind Maps were – I was doing my own version of them in my journals or on paper.

I have only one book on Mind Maps and it is by Tony Buzan and I actually enjoy the exercises and examples that are in the book – you can also do a search on YouTube and see Tony and others teaching elaborate mind map techniques – so, I will keep this as a simple introduction here for you to consider as you explore your own thinking for with topics of writing and creating.

Tony calls the main word you start with “Radiant Thinking” – which is to write out the word you are focusing on in the center of the page for now.

Next up are words that are freely associated with that word. Tony gives a cool example of the word “Happiness” and then just write words that are associated with Happiness all around the center word. It is different for everyone with what words you come up with and a fun exercise to do as a couple or for a team building exercise as well – then to share what you came up with – as many will think it will be very similar – but in reality most words are all unique and different, which means we can learn a lot about what makes each of us happy – as by doing this we realize there is not much sameness but more difference with how we process or think about happiness.

You can do this with pen, markers or pencil – but what I like to do is use colored pens and whatever word I write down has a color that is associated with it – so as I write out my Map I can see it forming a rainbow of thoughts.

From the center word you wrote down – you have some other words that radiate around this thought and then you can extend the first grouping with other thoughts, ideas or actions that form a second group of radiating thoughts – you can keep going on and on or keep it simple as I have here in this example – yes, there are Apps for doing this.

Here ia a Mind Map example using the previous article on The Passion Circle and this shows you the first outer grouping of Radiant Thoughts.


Each thought can now be expanded on.

What is cool is what I came up with – if you want to take notes on a separate piece of paper or use software like the one here using an App (for Mac) called Scrapple (I actually prefer paper and color pens) – (iThoughtsHDis another great App for iPad) – I use the color that each topic is in as a form of ‘coding’ and this makes it fun and also purposeful in my mind for remembering things that I have in each topic with a color that I like it to be related to.
For example I can write in a purple pen that I get from Office Max – the above mind map section on “Techniques” (is purple) and come up with more ideas and transfer them on to an index card. I can use a green pen for “Life Style” (in green) and put those ideas on an index card and when I finish all of them I can put them on a table and move them around or pick one card, turn it over and further expand my thoughts to come up with actions to take, ideas to explore or topics to write about.
Seeing the white index cards spread out on a table – with the variety of ink colors – brings a sense of joy to creating something with this process.

Using cards and one ink is boring and uninspiring – so – I use white cards with different color inks to make the colors pop out,
No – I do not like colored index cards – but you might like that as an option….but I do like different colored Post It Notes!

I use Scrivener for writing and they have an index card option that allows you to manually move them around – and I hardly ever see anyone mention that they do this – do a search on it as that would make for another blog by itself (maybe I will do one, as I have other ideas and Apps that work with using Index Cards for thought processes).

You can get the Mind Map book by Tony if you want to explore it more, as these can turn into pieces of art – and read his thinking, but doing a search on YouTube will be just as beneficial – and this article really is all you need to know to actually do it because it is so simple and doesn’t really need to be compacted and studied – as what we want to use it for is stimulating thoughts to do what we do best and stay focused more about our passion for writing.

How the Unexpected Can Build Your Vision!

Your vision did not see the unexpected coming on did it?

Things do not go our way all the time…right?

Well, this is something that you should start your day a with reality check and just be aware of – as if you fill up your day you can limit your Vision potential by how you engage with unexpected events that arise. Your family, business and emotional health take a hit on you filling up your schedule to the point where you forget – or just do not deal with it (avoid)- to the best that you can because you are in a frazzled mental state.

So if you are an over achiever – this article is for you!

You couch potatoes can take a break from reading this.

Unexpected events are also a test of seeing what you are made of. To reveal how you will lead through that temporary setback – and if you are in an overwhelmed state of mind then you need to step back and breath through it for a mature perspective. This ‘stepping back’ can not happen if you are in a ‘go on to the next thing’ state of mind.
And you also realize that (while not all the time) it seems as if things can happen in sets of three’s – seems like not one, not two – but three things can all of a sudden pop up and distract you from your momentum.
So, when do you catch up and set boundaries, or work through these situations that are waiting for your input and action to resolve it?
So many of us have unresolved situations roaming around in our heads and hearts – and if not there they are in our homes and business.

If you were to write a movie and leave things unresolved it would be related to Independent (Artsy) films that do not close the circle – when you leave the movie you are wondering what happened – it is a form of tension that leaves you with a sense of incompletion (unresolved) – and that is the form of entertainment you paid money to watch.
Well, the same thing goes on in real life with a lot of incomplete circles of unacknowledged stories in our life that go on and leave you with some form of tension.

Traditional films and stories have a completion (a resolution) – or a closing of the circle – so that when you leave the theater or finish the book you know what happened and there is very little tension lingering in you. You may like the end or not, but you are not left wondering what happened.

We have a choice everyday to close circles, leave them open or create incomplete circles in other peoples lives – and your overall perspective may not even notice which stories in your life you are leaving things in that condition. One way of finding out is to take a Risk and ask others in your life if anything needs to be resolved. This is a HUGE contribution to your own Vision by taking this on for your own growth.
In your business you can ask your clients what needs to be resolved. Or – if you have a staff you can approach them individually to Engage with them to put a halt to the inner tension that is affecting their job wether they realize it or not.
In your home you can ask if something needs to be addressed and closed up – so that there is no inner tension lingering in those that you care for and love.

Closing circles and leaving some open are all options we have to learn from…as some will remain open and unresolved and only God can heal you from the tension that can linger for the rest of your life if you let it. Your inner story of tension CAN experience resolution only when you take it to God for Him to Father you through it…it may take time for inner resolution to give you a sense of peace instead of tension, but I know more people that have experienced this compared to others that have not.
It is possible to experience spiritual, physical and emotional healing. This is encouraging!

Listen here Overachiever – you can avoid life’s tensions just like the couch potato – but instead of being on the couch – you fill your schedule so dang full that you can look like you are a success – but in reality you are looking good on the outside as you are avoiding Life Story Reality on the inside. You need to plan time to resolve things and close up the circles of tension in your own life and the life you have an impact on. If you say “I forgot’ or “I just do not have the time” or if you have become heartless by saying “It just is not that important” – then you are too busy to care about and deal with the underlying values that drive your vision and you are loosing the very people that are the foundation of your family and business – or – you are loosing your own self in being overly distracted and busy.

Consider this – while you are still breathing, while you still have time to – put it in your schedule or your Life Plan to face those that are in your Realm of Influence.

You can lead with your Vision to open, close or expand other peoples Life Story Circles by taking a daily Risk of Walking New.