10 Easy Steps for Thought Tracking – The New Way of ‘Journaling’.

Journaling is not a mystery – it is easy and we need you to get one for your personal use. It can be one on your phone as an App – one that you can do on your computer – the good ole fashion pen & paper one – or even an expensive leather bound one with hand made paper.

Men think it is for women and women think men need to do it more.

Guys – journaling is not for prepubescent girls – look in history if you have a chance to read a book now and then and you will see men (and women) working through areas of their life to make for some huge shifts in their life and their success is for us to gain some insights as to their thinking by sneaking peaks into their journals that are documented on line.

It is a healthy thing to do and get used to doing – male or female.

What I have found is that journaling is keeping track of some powerful thoughts. So I call it Thought Tracking. 

Thought Tracking has Transformational power within the process of doing it – and I would like to share with you a process of how to do it.

All I can say is that the most brilliant minds in the world past and present use some form of keeping track of your thoughts – plan and simple it is journaling.

Opening up your mind, soul, spirit & heart to share on paper the signs of who you are and what you are made up off for gaining insights as to what you can do in a much needed world that is missing your input.

Thought Tracking is not all about writing out your emotions – that is fine to some extent once in awhile – but Thought Tracking is about calling forth your own hidden resources and we need that desperately.

Most people get a book on personal growth but never get the work book – the workbook can lead you into self discovery and also bring some closure and inner resolution if committed to working through it. A workbook has a process of guiding you to write out what is going on inside you.

Well, I took those principles and came up with Thought Tracking.

Save your money from buying a workbook – and use it for getting a journal and follow along here.

When you go for a walk – your subconscious mind is free to ruminate and come up with things that the heart want to express – do so in your journal – stop and put the thought in your mini travel journal – on your phone in an App that records your thoughts – or by typing (yup – right there on the side of the road).

While you work your mind is active with process and intuitive ways of doing your job that are un-noticed or undefined. As you learn to become aware of these second nature actions you can teach yourself to define these actions to make it into a system to then extend to others by teaching if you so desire – but for now, just fill your journal with observations, defining that which is undefined as well as your intuitive insights.  Your Thought Tracker becomes an extension of who you are and what you do – revealing your vision, passion and calling. Over time, you will see patterns and consistencies that can form a company, a way to work with your family or a system to revolutionize how to do something that can impact the world.

The next step of what is important to do is to set a time period of creating in your journal then after a week or so to go back and consume your information to simplify and refine what you have written down. This is missing in many peoples journal time is to revisit your writing and glean information of what you can learn from it to take actions on.

Here are 10 things that can change your life – all based on a journal: Thought Tracking

1) intuitions, undefined actions & observations. Become aware of your thoughts.
2) write or verbally note them – define that of which is undefined. Marinate with undefined.
3) collect them for 1-2 weeks.
4) revisit them to refine and put meaning into your thoughts – define, claim & own them.
5) take actions to build experiences and write down your reflections of the experiences.
6) refine what you learn and make mistakes from – these are great insights for growth.
7) celebrate the victories – we all could celebrate more as a discipline of gratitude.
8) share what you are doing to encourage others – you do have a story to tell now more than a week ago.
9) give a journal to those that you love and also to those that you would like to gain wisdom from – build a network of other Thought Trackers.
10) get together to form a community or a Tribe – as more gets done with others in your journey.

Thought Tracking can be done so many ways – this is just one that has worked well for many and what I have shared with you is intended to pull out of you your vision to make an impact in our world – we need your thoughts for helping us in Walking New.


The Easy Way to Discover Your Vision – Session #6

Each and everyday your thought process goes through a pattern of creation that no one else does – and yet you THINK that other people see, hear, feel and think the same thing…but they don’t – which means YOU have a unique Vision that is needed to be expressed. The RISK that you must take is to TELL THE WORLD and to express yourself to share to your community what it is that you alone are designed to reveal.

Say something about what you sense.
Life is not about shutting up – no, it is about sharing and speaking up.

Better yet – DO it!

Your vision requires something, then asking others about it may diffuse the possibility of its effectiveness. Your Vision may require you to act on it first and offer what you came up with to show others your idea.
What is even better is if it is incomplete you can offer the possibility of it and ask others for their input – getting others on board once they see what you came up with, as not everyone can see your imagination – they need to see what you came up with in your thoughts on paper or an actual start to the project to be able to move forward.
And that is how faith can be seen by taking an action of what frustrates you or others. As their is something that is lacking in the world and taking some form of action on it based on what your imagination offers to you for a possible solution to consider is learning to form vision from frustration. 

Let me stimulate your imagination with these thoughts to consider:

Something is being done within an area you like but it is not quite perfect until they do this: (describe it). 

What frustrates you about something that is not being done? (describe it)
You seem to be waiting over and over for something to be done about it and you can see it and know what it is and yet no one is doing anything about it. Or, you do not really know what to do about it but SOMETHING needs to be done.
Some actions require you to lead by starting something and taking it on or some actions require you to build a community and let someone else take the lead. Vision is about offering a perspective to take it on or let others take on.

We get glimpses of our purpose everyday – but avoid them over and over by misinterpreting our very own frustration by waiting for someone else to do the very thing WE are to take on or bring up to let someone else take on.
We get a sign of what our calling is everyday – but numb out with less fulfilling things and distractions because no one gives us a chance or a break to do something about it – when in all actuality we are just not doing it or taking an initiative to make it happen – we are waiting for permission when we just need to take it on and do it.

Many of us do not need a new job – you need a New Walk and this requires a risk to be taken by you to offer to the world a solution to the very thing that is lacking in you (and others) or frustrating you and others. These are signs of what you alone are to help others with.
This in one element of your Vision that no one else notices, as it sends you waves of energy for putting a long awaited passion into for its completion.

People are misinterpreting frustration with what it can become – a passion.

There are so many ‘little’ experiences like this that are needing your input that will accumulate into something larger in the future – a vision that needs so much more of what you or what you can get others to offer – but it is minimized or made insignificant, or is avoided or numbed out and killed before it can even be acted on.

These little experiences can be your personal training for accumulating wisdom and knowledge that you may not even realize immediately unless you act on them now and let them add up to reveal to you something larger that you can act on later.

Many times vision requires attention to small things now to be built up and used later for a larger vision. 

Purpose and Calling at times are not about immediate gratification. Fulfillment can come later on as the Vision takes on certain elements that are not exposed to you at first but come into play later on.
You need to discover the very things you lack in your growth by entering into your frustrations by training and through some trials to better understand your larger Vision later on.

Do you get a ‘little’ emotional from lack of understanding – well then learn to be a man or women of understanding (Proverbs 20:5) by bringing out the deep waters of your heart to impact the world with.

We all hear that God will not give you more than you can handle – so taking on what is required of you from your very own frustrations and see how turning that frustration into a solution will add to your sense of purpose & fulfillment and I guarantee that this will also help and serve others even if you or they do not see that going on yet.

Many people live without passion and yet they are fully frustrated – and learning to reframe that is a sign of Walking New.

Opening Doors of Opportunity – Vision Session #3

Opening Doors of Opportunity

As you pursue risk and doors open for you – one thing that has to develop over time is the process of skin thickening.

Skin Thickening happens over time from learning to not take things personal. It may hurt a bit or make you feel uncomfortable – but you learn to not take it personal.

When we start out at first, everyone may or may not be on board for you and your Vision Journey. Thing is – we have to live our life without permission from everyone to accomplish our goals. If we go around asking everyone what their thoughts are on doing what we are designed to do then we are doing things based on what others think vs doing things that we are meant to do. Other peoples opinions can have a strength and authority in our lives to the point of not following our calling if we are concerned with what others think more so than what we sense in our Spirit to do.

We are not under the authority of others once we are over the age of 18 and are mature enough to take on the responsibilities of life. This is about taking on what you are Responsible for and God has given you a Realm of Influence to be in charge of.

It is very important to have your spouse and family on board with what you are doing – that is a given.

Worry of what others think will keep doors of opportunity closed.
Fear, frustration, judgement, criticism and pride keep doors closed.

Serving others opens doors.

This is about doing something bigger than yourself and thin skinned people are in fear of what others think syndrome. 

So as you take on a risk and step through the door of opportunity (pursuing your vision) we become sensitive to what others think more so of what we are doing because of lack of confidence in knowing what we are doing.
It is ‘natural’ to feel this.
It is ‘Supernatural’ to break through this.

There are many leaders out there that do NOT know what they are doing every moment of walking out their vision.
You realize your a leader right? So this means you can still lead and not know every step you are to take – and this is normal. 

So, what is it that keeps them on their path? What helps them to make choices and decisions even when they are unsure of what to do?
1)Values ((I value Biblical Principles and A Healthy Authenticity to name a couple))
2)Knowing what is important to them ((Self Control & Patience are a couple things important for me – yeah we all say family, health and work – but this is more about what resides in you and not about what is outside of you))
3)What they believe in – and this is so important to them that it drives all of what they do and are building for the Vision that is in their heart. And this is ‘why’ they do what they do – as people believe in why you do what you do – not just what you do.

What is important for you to walk out your vision is what keeps you on the right path.
When you are short on knowing what to do at times – your values help you make decisions in moments of uncertainty. As ultimately is is you and what is important to you that dictates where your vision should go. If you make a poor decision then you will know quickly how to change it and redirect it. If you are doing things based on what other people think, then you will be stuck and uncertain in decision making and leading with what is important to you – and when others sense this they will unfollow you and not trust you in your lack of follow through.
People need to see you follow through even if it fails, or to change direction to another option. As you deal with a bad decision people will see your strength and even want to help or support you. People want to see you succeed and they also want to believe in you more so when they see that you are in it for the long run and are willing to fight for it.

This process thickens your skin. As you skin thickens it can influence you to become Arrogant and Prideful – or – Humble and Service Orientated – and it is all about what you value, what is important to you and what you believe in.

And as Doors of Opportunity open for you – it is important to be reminded of what is influencing your decision making and thin skinned people are obviously hiding behind numbing out and avoiding risks out fear of what others think of them…closing doors of opportunity.

Do you feel as if there are no opportunities for you?

Is your skin thin or thick?

You can feel sorry for yourself and stay that way – and that is a form of Pride – thinking only of yourself.
OR – you can be Humble…and ask for help, believe that doors can open by taking a risk to value what is important to you and your family from a Biblically Based Journey to Serve Others in a New Walk.